Starlight Over Bluebell Castle. #3

Having never read any of The Bluebell Castle stories within the series I was worried I might not be able to get on board with book 3, but by chapter 2 I was proved wrong.

The central character of this book and indeed the series, is Bluebell Castle and where the main drama unfolds.

The story starts with Jessica Ridley having a time of it at her works party. Wardrobe malfunctions and over hearing the receptionists bad mouthing her, mean that Jess slips away from the party before she gets her opportunity with hunk, Tristan Ludworth.

Seven years later and Jess is jobless, going through a divorce with two children in tow when her path meets once more with Tristan. Tristan has elaborate event plans for Bluebell castle and so enlists the help of Jess. Suddenly the two of them are thrust back into one another lives again.

Cue a beautiful romantic and magical setting where the couple try and make the business work and also see if they can rekindle the spark that was between them all those years ago.

I have never read a Sarah Bennett book before and I am a sucker for a cosy romantic story from time to time. I thoroughly enjoyed Starlight over Bluebell castle and I will be seeking out the two other books in the series as well as some of Sarah’s other books.

Thank you to HQ digital for the opportunity to read and review this deliciously addictive book.